Beth completed her 500 hr RYT with Semperviva Yoga.

Her directive, alignment-based teaching style is woven into creative sequences that leave students feeling inspired, balanced, and invigorated. Beth encourages her fellow students to understand key elements of the practice but most importantly to learn from their own experience – and strives to find functional cues that best suit individual variances.

She is most passionate about getting people on their mats so life becomes more vibrant when they step off!

Join one of Beth’s classes here in Revelstoke – where a variety of classes are designed to suit all levels of practitioners. Namaste.

Registered Yoga Teacher

Beth’s registration with Yoga Alliance® has provided her with globally recognized credentials in the fields of yoga teaching.

Through the Semperviva Master Teacher training series, Beth’s teaching has been greatly influenced by learning from world renowned teachers like Bernie Clark, Gloria Latham, Mark Stephens and Seane Corn, among others.

Yoga Classes

NEW – Good Morning Vinyasa Flow! Begins July 2017 at Revelution Studio. Ends Aug. 31st 2017

Gently wake up your body & mind with this moderate vinyasa flow class. You’ll feel balanced, energized, and focused for the rest of your day! All levels welcome, beginners may be safely challenged. Classes will blend standing sequences with seated stretches.

When: Thursdays 7:30 a.m. – 8:30 a.m. until August 31st

Where: Revelution Studio – 113 2nd St. E.

Why: To make your whole week feel so much better.

Drop in or use your Revelution Pass! Visit for pricing.


Yin Yoga – 5 week series. 

Discover the physical, energetic, and emotional benefits of Yin Yoga in this 5 week series designed for all levels!

What: Yin Yoga

When: Tuesdays 7:00 p.m. – 8:15 p.m. starting Oct. 3rd 2017

Where: Revelution Studio – 113 2nd St. E

Why: These 5 classes will help to increase flexibility, quiet the mind, and uncover the power of stillness. Yin yoga targets the deeper connective tissues in the joints that need longer held poses to stretch and lengthen.  It is not uncommon to also release long held tensions and emotions that are stored in our bodies. By gently compressing the meridian lines of the body, Yin mimics acupressure as it opens and energizes these pathways.

This is just a hint of the general idea of Yin Yoga – everyone’s experience is unique. Come and feel it for yourself! It’s time to slow down.

How:  Please contact Beth directly at to register.

Cost: $60

Pre-Registered only so we can build on our knowledge and experience together! It’s okay if you miss a class or two.

Questions? Please call! 250-814-3679.


Yoga Nidra – 5 Sessions: 

When: Next Series Winter 2017/18

Where: Revelution Studio – 113 2nd St. E

Time: TBA

Cost: TBA

What is Nidra?

Yoga Nidra is an increasingly popular practice that is both a form of mediation and body-mind therapy. It is a systematic, structured form of guided relaxation.

What does it do?

-decreases stress
-improves sleep patterns
-changes deep rooted habits
-improves ability to concentrate and focus the mind
-eases transitions

How does it work?

By gradually turning your attention from external distractions to awareness of internal subconscious and unconscious landscape, you give yourself instructions for changes you wish to incorporate into your life.

Nidra reduces sympathetic activity (fight or flight and nervous system stimulation) by inducing relaxation response. By allowing the parasympathetic activity to increase (release, relax, and regenerate), Sankalpa (intention/resolve) reaches the subconscious where core beliefs are held.

These sessions will have a short, simple asana practice at the beginning of class to prepare the body and mind for deep relaxation.



Beth rotates her yoga classes throughout the year. Check the schedule for current offerings!

Yin Yoga: this practice involves long held postures designed to target the deeper connective tissues in the joints. This class is for all levels.

Power Yoga: This invigorating class will enliven your day! A faster paced creative flow to awaken your heart (rate), body, and mind. Beginners may be challenged.

Vinyasa Flow: This class is offered at more moderate pace to suit all levels, blending standing sequences with seated postures. This summer’s morning class will leave you feel more balanced, energized, and focused for the rest of your day! All levels welcome, absolute beginners may be challenged.

See below for class schedules.

Workshop Series: Exploring Asana: Alignment & Refinementcreating a safe, sustainable, and transformational yoga practice.

Many injuries in yoga occur after about 4 years of practice – often due to small but repetitive, habitual misalignments, and/or pushing past a healthy amount of tension or compression. Although large classes are fun and videos are convenient, we don’t get the opportunity to pay close attention to our individual differences in constitution. Not all cues are for everyone!

Each 2 hour class will include both yin and yang postures. We will explore relevant anatomy as it relates to cues, individual differences in alignment, and if appropriate use hands-on assists to refine your practice and discover your full potential.

Contact me directly if you are interested! 250-814-3679. Namaste!

Stay tuned for dates! 

Class Schedule

Locations & times

Direct booking is not available for yoga classes.

Register online or drop in at Revelution Fitness or email Beth at

Vinyasa FlowRevelutionLast class Thursday Aug. 31st
Yoga NidraRevelutionStarts again New Year 2018
Power YogaRevelutionNot running fall 2017
Yin YogaRevelutionTuesdays 7:00 p.m. starting Oct. 3rd
Series: Asana: Alignment & RefinementMonashee MandalaDates TBA